Saturday, 23 November 2013


Hi! This is my first official blog post so I'm rather excited and also incredibly wary about it too. I've been a blogging skeptic for a while now and have tried to find it in myself to create one for years. I have never really been able to get along with bloging platforms, but yesterday I found this amazing layout by PuglyPixel and spent the last day or so customising it and making it feel homely! The only thing I am still struggling with is getting comment replies to work, but I am poking the coding hoping something will click!

I am hoping to use this place to keep a proper little scrapbook of everything from my thoughts (don't worry I'll use a page-break!) and travel plans to my newer hobbies such as cooking and photography. I really hope to find some intimacy in blogging which I have lost since shutting down my own domain some four years ago and forgetting almost everything about HTML.

Well so that this blog doesn't look too bland, here are some photographs I took on a walk recently. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and often makes me feel more creative (hence the blog) - I have set myself a challenge to take more photos over the autumn/winter period, these are my first attempt.

Hannah x

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